About Us

Aussie Athletes Agency (AAA) is Australia's premier US College sport placement agency. The national team and international network was formed by former ATP Tennis professional and Australian Davis Cup tennis player Sandon Stolle. His personal pathway included playing collegiately in the United States before enjoying success in the business and professional sporting worlds. Sandon started AAA after recognising the huge opportunity presented for young Australian athletes to tap into the competitive arena of American college system (a university level education equivalent in Australia).

We strongly believe in the American college sports scholarship system as a pathway to success and know that these years will be instrumental in allowing Australian student-athletes continue to develop in their sport, providing the perfect platform to enter the professional arena.

Aussie Athletes Agency provides qualified athletes the guidance, advice, vital contacts and a definite pathway required to obtain athletic and academic scholarships. Therefore creating the opportunity for these athletes to obtain an internationally recognised degree and pursue their sport for a further four years at the same time.

Aussie Athletes Agency strongly believes this pathway has many advantages in nurturing the necessary experience to grow as an individual in life and in sport and from it come away with real benefits.

However, it is no secret that the world of US College sports scholarships is highly competitive and without experienced guidance your chance of securing one is slim.

For example, any international athlete must acquire a student visa, translate all of their academic records to the American format, sign up to take the United States college entrance exams and create a sports resume good enough to impress college coaches. These are just a few of the hoops to jump through.

Without the help of someone that has experience in the American college recruiting process, the chance that an Australian athlete is able to earn an American athletic scholarship presents a real challenge. However, with the expertise of AAA, this recruiting process can be made easier and the margin of success greatly increased.

Why work with AAA?

Because we:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the college recruitment process
  • Tailor the best opportunities for each individual student athlete
  • Develop an on-going relationship with the athlete and family
  • Have the direct contact and trust of college coaches
  • Have a proven track record of recognising and placing talent
  • Boast in-house experience from former professional athletes and college scholarship holders
  • Own a powerful social media platform to link to college coaches