Bojana Bobusic

Bojana Bobusic

My name is Bojana Bobusic and I attended the University of California, Berkeley from 2005-2009. I was a member of the Cal Women’s tennis team and studied a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Sociology. I reached a career high collegiate singles ranking of #15 and as a team we reached the National Championship final in both 2008 and 2009. 

As a junior I competed at both the Junior Australian Open and Junior Wimbledon, and reached a career high world junior ranking of #70. After graduating from high school I played on the professional women’s circuit for 6 months and travelled to places such as New Zealand, Indonesia, and Thailand. As a 17 year old I found that as player, and as a person, I wasn’t mature enough to last on the circuit and at the same time I wanted to continue with my studies. So I made the decision to attend college in August of 2005, and I was lucky enough to be recruited by Cal. I was offered a full scholarship which meant that my tuition, accommodation, equipment, coaching, strength & conditioning, travel, health services, books, and tutoring, was all paid for.

My team comprised of 7-8 girls, all of similar tennis level. From August to December (Fall) we competed in individual tournaments, while still representing the college, and then from January through to May (Spring) we competed as a team against other colleges. During the spring semester we had matches every weekend and within our conference (now called the PAC-12) we competed against colleges such as Stanford, UCLA, USC, Oregon, Washington, Washington State, Arizona, and Arizona State. 

On average I was taking about 14-15 hours of class per week, with 20 hours of tennis (including strength & conditioning). A usual day for me at Cal comprised of weights/conditioning before class (3x per week), then class between 9am-2pm, and then practice from 2.30pm-5pm. After practice I would go straight to the study hall for tutoring or homework, then to dinner and straight to bed, repeating that the next day. All our practices and strength/conditioning sessions were structured together so a lot of my time was spent with the other girls on the team, and as it turned many became my best friends.

After I graduated from Cal in May 2009 I decided that I wanted to continue playing and have another crack at the professional tennis circuit. I found that my time at college gave me the opportunity to further develop my game on court and I knew that I had matured enough as a person. I have now been on the circuit for 3 years and this year reached a career high singles ranking of #227 and career high doubles ranking of #216. This year I competed at the main draw of the Australian Open in both singles and doubles and I hope to keep improve my ranking this year.  

College gave me the opportunity to not only gain a degree but also to continue playing at a very high and competitive level. I think that if I had not gone to college, after graduating from high school, I probably wouldn’t still be playing today. I learnt how to be independent and balance my school work, training and social life as a 17 year old. I met some really great people, made friends for life, got to experience and live the American culture, and have been able to use Cal as a training base whenever I’ve been back in the US. I really hope that other Australian players are able to have the same opportunity that I did and experience the life as a student-athlete and have memories that will be with them forever.