David Sofaer

David Sofaer

I was luckily enough to play many junior ITF tournaments and had a decent junior ranking which led to many college coaches emailing and calling me about going to play with a scholarship in the USA.

My goal since i was a kid was to win grand slams and become professional however this only comes true to very few individuals, especially to crack the top 100 within a few years on tour. So i decided to look up college tennis and what it was about. There was not much information about it in Australia, however it was huge in the US and all the top junior players were all looking forward for college tennis. I was even below the level of these players so i thought that college must be for me too, if these guys arnt going professional now then i dont think i should.

Why did i go to college? - I decided to go for the opportunity that it gave me to play tennis at a high competitive level, in a team environment, with coaches that supported you and helped you to become better. Also, while you receive a partial scholarship and save money on university fees, you can also get a pretty good degree which is a great thing to have in the future. I though that this was a great opportunity for me to learn more about tennis, to keep improving on my game, and at the same time get a degree at a university that funds me for my tennis abilities.

My experiences so far - I am a junior now im college (3rd year) and have learnt a lot about tennis, and life in general. Becoming more independent is something any student-athlete will learn. Time management is a must and anyone who will go to college. This is a tool that will help you in life. The tennis has been amazing, training with great players and great coaches all the time, having the courts a step away from your dorm, and having the feeling of winning matches for your team and having people rely on you and vise versa is indescribably. We played University of Georgia at Georgia in the Quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament and there was a crowd of 5500 people screaming and cheering. This is something i will never forget, and every college tennis player can have a chance at having these memories of a lifetime.

Did i make the correct decision? - I definitely think I've learnt a lot in college about tennis and life and it was for sure the right decision.

Why did i choose Pepperdine? - Location, living in Malibu CA is quite nice. It a direct flight from SYD to LAX and that is important. The tennis program there has a rich history and has a great team and coaches and i decided that i would love to be apart of that.