John Peers

Middle Tennessee State University & Baylor University (2008-2011)

"The path to college was an important decision for me to make, because ultimately, it led me to where I am today. When I started year twelve, I did not have any idea that I would eventually be playing tennis in college until someone mentioned that it would be a good way to develop my game and see America. After completing year twelve, I was still too small and not mature enough to handle a full schedule that comes with playing professional tennis; however, playing in college gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and mature into someone that could handle life on tour.

After completing four years of college tennis, I realized how much more ready I was to play on tour and handle the rigorous lifestyle that a professional athlete faces. I finished up my college career at Baylor University, where we had a team ranking of six. Playing for the Baylor Bears has given me some amazing memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. I was lucky to be selected as an All-American my senior year, ending my college career with a ranking of four in doubles and twenty-one in singles. To date, I have been out of college almost fourteen months, and overall, it has been a smooth transition into the life of a professional tennis player, because college gave me the tools to succeed on tour."