Michael Look

UCLA (2005-2009)


Michael Look was the #1 ranked junior in Australia and won multiple ITF and national championships on all surfaces before furthering his career in the US college system at UCLA. As a Bruin he completed a double major and was chosen as the 2009 Scholar Athlete of the Year for the Pac 10 conference. Since graduating he has enjoyed considerable success on the professional tour, halving his ranking each of the first 2 years on the tour, with 2 singles and 3 doubles titles.

"Pursuing college athletics was the best and most fulfilling decision I ever made. It allowed me to further both my education and tennis career at the highest level. The development of my tennis at college gave me a competitive edge entering the pro level granting me a physical and mental maturity most do not begin with. Now, not only do I feel secure in my options after my sporting career but I gained incredible experiences and friends for life."