The Pathway to US College Recruitment


The Myth

Recruiting begins when you are contacted or you contact a college coach during Year 11 or Year 12 of high school.

The Reality

Due to the rise in athletic scholarship need and the increase of available information for college coaches, the recruiting process is starting earlier than ever before and it is harder to secure scholarships. According to the NCAA, college coaches are starting to identify year 7 and 8 students as potential recruits and are even starting to offer scholarships to prospects before their 9th Year. If you haven’t started the process by Year 10 you are behind the eight ball.

The Pathway – how we can make it happen

Aussie Athletes Agency will provide a clear pathway, a structured step-by-step process to getting you recruited to play college sport. AAA will work with you through each step, providing advice, expertise and insider know how giving you confidence in starting and finishing the recruitment journey.

This help and know how may be the difference in securing a US College Sports Scholarship and the experience of a lifetime.

The Core Question - can I compete at the college level?

AAA will help you to be realistic of your athletic abilities and also of your academic levels in this arena. There are many student athlete scholarships, but only so many Division 1 schools. We will help you target the best division level for you and the most suitable colleges where you will have the best competitive chance in receiving a scholarship or funding package.

Sometimes the truth hurts, but you may be surprised that you have underestimated your abilities and talents. Through us the coaches will look at the full make up of the individual: the will to win, attitude, performance under pressure, and respect of colleagues and their families.

The Process

Below is a brief outline of the steps needed to work towards successfully securing a US College sports scholarship. Within each of these steps is a series of actions that need to be taken over a period of time.

It looks complicated and daunting but with AAA helping you every step of the way it’s not!

1. Begin the Search for realistic colleges - from a recruiting standpoint, together with you we would look at targeting around 30-50 appropriate colleges and coaches.

2. Write a Student-Athlete Cover Letter and prepare a Student-Athlete Profile-Resume – we have a specific formula for these documents to ensure that the right information in the right format and at the right time hits the coaches desks. And we follow up!

To put it simply, a resume should contain all the athletic and academic information a college coach might be interested in. The information needed by the college coach will vary and every student athlete will not have all the information immediately. We will assist you through a process of gathering all the data needed throughout the recruiting experience.

Typically this will include:

  • Personal information
  • Statistical information
  • Scholastic Information
  • Athletic History
  • References

3. Prepare High School Documentation – its not just about sport! A student has to do the right subjects and undertake the right exams and tests to be eligible. We tell you what to do and when!

4. Registering with NCAA Eligibility Centre. Again, we know when to do this and how and help you register.

5. Coach’s/Mentor Letter of Recommendation – with a name in the game as a professional athlete and elite coach and former college athlete our recommendation goes a long way!

6. Video Analysis/ Matchplay – coaches look for very specific things and we make sure they can see you in all the right ways by helping you put together the right vision to make the best impression.

7. Send out Your Marketing Packages – you need to get noticed to get recruited and we make this happen.

8. Communication: Ask the right questions and marketing you in the best possible way.

9. Scheduling of Events, Competitions, Camps and tournaments – results put your money where your mouth is and we will help you decide the best results to include and where you should be competing.

10. Official and un-official visits to potential colleges – We will advise you to take a trip depending on the situation, the scholarship and the coach. These introductions are priceless.

The Result
All in all this process takes place over a number of years and we are with you every step of the way. We can’t guarantee success but we can sure make your chances of being able to live the dream of getting recruited a whole lot better!