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You know you’re an Aussie student-athlete in the US if…

1. You occasionally eat the strangest mixture of foods in 1 sitting simply because you’re about to go home or on a team trip and you’re being creative with what you have left in the fridge

2. You have eaten an entire meal of powerbars, Gatorade and protein/milk

3. You got a C on your first English essay simply because you put an “s” where Americans put a “z” and added a “u” where they don’t

4. You think driving in the US is just like a computer game but you’re thankful there aren’t more roundabouts.

5. Your parents pull you up every time they think you’ve said an American word instead of the Aussie version.


6. Your friends detect the slightest US pronunciation of “…er” and declare you’re “so American now” and act like it is a crime against the Commonwealth.

7. You realize your HSC, OP, VCE, UAI and TER you spent years earning didn't mean as much as the few hours you spent taking the SAT.

8. You now think it is acceptable to wear a mono-coloured outfit to any event


9. You’re guilty of laying your accent on thick in situations where you want to impress someone.

10 You love vegemite and tim-tams a lot more when you’re in the US than when you’re home, and you make people eat a spoonful of vegemite saying that's how we eat it!

Thursday, April 10th 2014

AAA / AESFA Information night and Soccer Id Camp

Find out what it takes to play football/soccer in the US. Hosted by the Australian Elite Soccer Football Association, the leaders in creating pathways for kids interested in pursuing their football careers. Recently AESFA sent a team of Under 17's boys to compete in the International Dallas Cup, in the USA. AESFA was the first Australian football representative to be exclusively invited to participate in the worlds most prestigious youth football tournament, the Dallas Cup.

AESFA-USA-Camp-2014-poster-v5 4b bleeds