How do I get a college baseball scholarship?

There are more baseball scholarships being awarded to international athletes than ever before. It is essential that a player actively pursues a coach or they may never be noticed.

How do I get a college baseball coach to see me?

Baseball coaches will look at certain results in certain international and national competitions and camps when looking to recruit an athlete. Some coaches will attend the same competitions and camps each year, so it is important to gain entry into these events. The MLB Academy in the Gold Coast holds camps every year.

How do I improve my chances of earning a college baseball scholarship? 

Putting yourself out there to a number of different coaches and an open line of communication with coaches will help. It is recommended a good video highlighting different aspects of your game and a video in competition, will help improve your chances of earning a baseball scholarship.

What are the academic requirements to be eligible for a baseball?

Every baseball coach and university will have different levels of academics requirements.

What are the athletic requirements to receive a baseball scholarship?

Requirements are to have competed at a high standard that match the level of what is required by the coach. There are thousands of opportunities, take the time to explore the different schools and study their rosters

How many baseball scholarships are available and what schools offer them?

The number of baseball scholarships available varies by school and competition level. Depending on the level of scholarship required by an athlete, different programs have a number of scholarships to work with.

Intercollegiate Divisions
NCAA-National Collegiate Athletic Association  
The NCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate baseball

          Division I

  • 11.7 full scholarships available (can be divided partially)
  • Currently sponsor 298 baseball programs
    Division II
  • 9.0 full scholarships available (can be divided partially)
  • Currently sponsor 238 baseball programs

Must enrol in Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse for both Divisions I and II in order to be eligible.


         Division III

  • No financial aid allocated to athletes
  • Currently sponsor 365 baseball programs
    NAIA-National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
    The NAIA endorses one division of collegiate baseball
  • 12.0 full scholarships available (can be divided partially)
  • Currently sponsor 205 baseball programs

Must enrol with the NAIA eligibility centre

NJCAA-National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association

Athletes at NJCAA institutions predominately compete for two years while completing their academic requirements

  • After completion of an Associate Degree, athletes can transfer to an NCAA Division if they have successfully completed all the academic requirements
  • 24.0 full scholarships available (can be divided partially)
  • Currently sponsor 512 baseball field programs

Must be approved by the NJCAA Eligibility Centre regarding Academics