Field Hockey

How do I get a college field hockey scholarship?

Field hockey scholarships are only available to women’s team. With only a few scholarships available it is essential that a player actively pursues a coach or they may be overlooked.

How do I get a college field hockey coach to see me?

Field Hockey coaches will go to the major tournaments to look at those players that they have spoken to. Some coaches will also go to the same tournaments each year so it is important to find out what these tournaments are.

How do I improve my chances of getting a college field hockey scholarship?

Provide to the coaches high quality references of previous coaches, trainers etc. This is essential as coaches need to know if you’re a great team player and can motivate others around you.

Good grades will help in getting a scholarship. The more schools where you can qualify academically as well as athletically the higher the chance of a scholarship you have.

How do I get recruited for a college field hockey scholarship?

You need to be noticed so marketing yourself and playing the right tournaments is a key step.

What are the academic requirements for a college field hockey scholarship?

Every college has a different level of academics required.

What are the athletic requirements to receive a field hockey scholarship?

Each coach and team will have a different level of athletic requirements based on their needs and opinions.

How many college field hockey scholarships are available?

Field hockey can offer some of the best scholarship opportunities if you know where to look. Each division level and school has a different amount of scholarships to offer.

Intercollegiate Divisions
NCAA-National Collegiate Athletic Association  
The NCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate field hockey
Division I

12.0 full scholarships available for women (partial count)

Currently sponsor 78 female field hockey programs
Division II

6.3 partial scholarships available for women

Currently sponsor 161 male and 212 female field hockey programs
Must enrol in Initial Eligibility Centre for both Division I and II in order to be eligible 

Division III

No financial aid allocated to athletes

Currently sponsor 158 female field hockey programs