How do I get a college volleyball scholarship?

Volleyball scholarships are becoming more accessible and are being awarded to more international athletes than ever beforeHowever, it is essential that a player actively pursues a coach or they may be overlooked.

How do I get a college volleyball coach to see me?
Volleyball coaches will travel to the major tournaments to look at those players that they have spoken to and are interested in. Some coaches will also go to the same tournaments each year as a scouting exercise, so it is important to find out what these tournaments are.

How do I improve my chances of getting a college volleyball scholarship?

The best way is to make sure that you are playing in the position that when you get to college would fit you the best. If you are not, transition yourself into the position to enable college coaches to see the potential in you.

Good grades will help in getting a scholarship. The more schools where you can qualify academically as well as athletically the higher the chance of a scholarship you have.

How do I get recruited for a college volleyball scholarship?

It is all about getting the best coverage. In any given tournament there are far too many players for a coach to solely focus on, so by standing out you are getting your name out there.

What are the academic requirements for a college volleyball scholarship?

Every college has a different level of academics required.

What are the athletic requirements to receive a volleyball scholarship?

Competing in either the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships, the Australian Under 15 Volleyball Championships or even the Australian Volleyball League is the perfect foundation.

How many college volleyball scholarships are available?

Volleyball can offer some of the best scholarship opportunities if you know where to look. Each division level and school has a different amount of scholarships to offer.

Intercollegiate Divisions
NCAA-National Collegiate Athletic Association http://www.ncaa.org  
The NCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate volleyball

Division I

4.5 full scholarships available for men (can be divided partially)

12.0 full scholarships available for women (head count only)

Currently sponsor 23 male and 247 female volleyball programs



Division II

4.5 full scholarships available for men (can be divided partially)

8.0 full scholarships available for women (head count only)

Currently sponsor 19 male and 310 female volleyball programs

Division III

No financial aid allocated to athletes

Currently sponsor 61 male and 414 female volleyball programs

NAIA-National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics http://www.naia.org 
The NAIA endorses one division of collegiate volleyball.

Students do require a SAT or ACT score to be admitted

8.0 full scholarships available for women (can be divided partially)

Must enrol with the NAIA eligibility centre http://www.playnaia.org 
Currently sponsor 21 male and 110 female volleyball programs

NJCAA-National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association http://www.njcaa.org 
The NJCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate volleyball. Athletes at NJCAA institutions predominately compete for two years while completing their academic requirements.

After completion of an Associate Degree, athletes can transfer to an NCAA Division if they have successfully completed all the academic requirements.

Division I 14.0 Women’s Scholarship available

Division II 14.0 Women’s Scholarship available

NJCAA currently offer 223 Women’s Programs over Division’s I and II